A Word from the CEO

For me, there was no escaping the numerous puns attributed to the year 2020! Marked by its various mentions, I spent some time reflecting on VicWater’s vision and also its mission. The vision depicts the desired future state or our association. The mission defines what we do to fulfil the vision. Without a vision and mission, we would lack purpose and relevance.

According to the Rules of our Association, VicWater’s vision is to lead an innovative water industry that manages water resources sustainability and creates partnerships that focus on the needs of the community, stakeholders and the environment.

Picking out the key words of this statement, I believe our vision is becoming clearer every day. Our industry is innovative through such programs as Intelligent Water Networks. It is proving its sustainability with finite water resources, energy and other key inputs, clearly showing through our annual reports, ESC and Ombudsman performance reports and social media content. It is growing its positive impact on the community, its stakeholders and the environment of Victoria through strategic and durable partnerships that are too numerous to note here!

VicWater’s mission is to be the leading advocate for Victorian water businesses in the interaction with government, its agencies and the community. With a focus on advocacy, VicWater has turned its attention on driving relationships that effectively represent the needs and expectations of our members.  We are doing this through the strategic input of our Board, our relationships with Board Chairs and Managing Directors, the agendas of our enabling task groups, and partnerships with WSAA and other sector leaders. Of course, there is more for us to do, particularly developing our relationships with the Minister for Water’s office, the Department of Treasury and Finance and with other stakeholders.

Having a clear vision and a focused mission, we are excited about our plans and programs designed to serve our members and continue to grow our industry.

You may have already seen our event announcements for executive safety leadership, director development, and understanding the implications of the new industrial manslaughter legislation. Soon, we’ll be seeking your commitment to the new VicWater Connect event on 21-22 May. This will be a multi-streamed activity focusing on the key initiatives of our sector. For now, please secure 21-22 May in your diary for this leading event.

Peter Morison
Chief Executive Officer
03 9639 8868