Greening Our Cities: Urban Water’s Role

Population growth and climate change impose significant challenges for our major cities, particularly in maintaining their liveability. A key challenge for governments will be to ensure that these cities function effectively and efficiently, while remaining pleasant places to live, work and visit in the face of these challenges. This need for significant investment provides a window of opportunity to rethink how water, wastewater and stormwater services are delivered in these cities to ensure that both current and future communities get the best value possible from this investment. As many water assets are expensive with long operating lives, it is important to get these decisions right, as decisions taken now cannot be reversed and will set up the nature of these growth areas forever.

The Productivity Commission is holding a panel event to launch its latest report: Integrated Water Cycle Management — Why a good idea seems hard to implement. The Commission will be joined by an expert panel to discuss the water sector’s role in greening our cities in Melbourne, Wednesday 18 March. To find out more click the registration button below.