A Word from the CEO

The current events of our globe have caused major dispersal of our people. More than ever, we are invited into each other's personal domains as our home offices establish and evolve. And while physical distancing is in place to 'flatten the curve' and ride out the virulence of COVID-19, it is creating a new connectedness between our people.  I like our Government's choice of 'physical distancing' because we are innately social beings.  We need and crave belongingness, which supports our health, adjustment and wellbeing. Through media that has evolved so well, belongingness can continue as we participate in a network using platforms that maximise social interaction.
The past week has reinforced two important things about our sector: it is resilient and altruistic. Our services continue and our customers are cared for. There are so many examples of our people going out of their way to help - practically assisting those in need, donating to charities, and finding ways to quickly support customers experiencing hardship are just a few.
VicWater is proud to be part of this movement. We have helped support our members with consistent messages to relieve customer hardship, and coordinated information and moral support across our membership using various media. And we have quickly moved to new platforms that maintain our productivity and provide strategic input that continue to drive progress as an industry that is better together.
Peter Morison
Chief Executive Officer