Calix creates webinars to keep sharing know-how

With WFH (Work from home) becoming the new norm, many of us have had to adjust our priorities, our goals, review our business models and most importantly innovate in the way we communicate.

Staying true to our core values of inclusion, continuous improvement, and positive impact us create a company we are proud to work for. Thanks to technology, we have been meeting our customers over video-calls (and even have an e-drink or two) and have created a series of webinars to keep sharing our know-how without leaving our homes or offices!


Our comprehensive webinar program covers various aspects of wastewater treatment with chemicals. This program went live early in April and includes some of the learnings and observations from our in-field experience. So far, we have had attendees from different fields including water authorities, councils, engineering consultancies, food & beverage manufacturers or mining.

Topics cover:

  • pH correction and Odour Control solution,
  • Better pH & Alkalinity control by understanding the chemistry of the chemicals at work,
  • Removing Phosphate from Wastewater,
  • Boosting energy from Cogeneration Anaerobic Digester

Coming up next is an interactive webinar on Dosing Unit Solutions for Wastewater Treatment which will be an interview between Calix Business Development Manager – Sam Sood – and Operations and Sales Engineer – Shayne Rettke – who has extensive experience with ACTI-Mag (Calix’s high surface area 60% magnesium hydroxide slurry made with our patented Flash Calcination technology) production as well as design and installation of Dosing Units, all built by our in-house engineering team to suit ACTI-Mag dosing.


We are the only fully integrated manufacturer of Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid, with secure continuity of supply in Australia. Calix owns and operates a mine, production, testing facilities and close-to-customers manufacturing plants. Controlling the entire production process allows us to offer better service, reliability, and performance to all our customers.

Given the exceptional importance of ongoing and reliable wastewater treatment, Calix would like to thank all those in the wastewater industry who continue to show up to work during these challenging times to help ensure public safety.