How is WaterAid working to tackle COVID-19?

All 35 countries where WaterAid works have confirmed cases of COVID-19, with most of them now reporting local transmission, meaning that the virus is passing from person-to-person in-country, rather than just being imported from outside of the country. In the face of this, WaterAid is running digital/social/media hygiene behaviour change campaign in collaboration with the National and Local Governments.

We are also working closely with the Ministries of Health and Water Resources to install handwashing stations in healthcare facilities, crowded and public areas and in rural areas ahead of an anticipated increase in cases, as well as source hygiene essentials such as soap, rubbing alcohol and disinfectant for cash strapped government health facilities. Some new innovations have been created including foot pedal hand washing stations in Zambia, Malawi and Nigeria.

India has also started an eight-day campaign using digital images/posters, audio messages and video in six Indian languages and English. The campaign will be run through text messages, WhatsApp through group networks, Community Radio and more.