Victorian water corporations lead the Victorian public sector for employee satisfaction and wellbeing

The annual State of the Public Sector in Victoria report for 2018-2019 was released by the Victorian Public Service Commission (VPSC) last week. The report combines facts and figures about the structure and composition of the Victorian public sector workforce with insights from the People Matter Survey.

The report demonstrates comparatively strong results for the Victorian water and land management sector* in a number of key indicators for employee satisfaction and wellbeing including:

  • An employee engagement index of 73 points, compared with the overall public sector index of 67 points – according to the report, “A high employee engagement rating indicates a positive psychological state in which employees are enthusiastic and energetic about the work they perform.”
  • 74% of employees are satisfied with their current job, work-life balance and professional development, compared with 65% of overall public sector employees.
  • Only 18% of employees rated their work-related stress as high to severe, compared with 22% of overall public sector employees.
  • 85% of employees agreed that: their job allows them to utilise their skills, knowledge and abilities; they enjoy the work in their current job; and they get a sense of accomplishment from their work, compared with 80% of overall public sector employees.
  • 76% of employees agreed that their senior leaders: provide clear strategy and direction; model their organisation’s values; support staff to work in an environment of change; actively support diversity and inclusion in the workplace; and demonstrate honesty and integrity, compared with 63% of overall public sector employees.
  • 75% of employees agreed that they feel confident to speak up about inappropriate behaviour or improper conduct at work, compared with 62% of overall public sector employees.
  • 95% of employees agreed that their organisation provides a safe work environment, compared with 80% of overall public sector employees.

The VPSC findings for 2018-2019 reflect the efforts that all water corporations are making to build safe and supportive workplaces with highly engaged and motivated employees, thereby achieving good business and customer outcomes for the benefit of the entire Victorian community.

* The 19 Victorian water corporations account for 68% of employees in the water and land management sector (which also includes alpine resorts, catchment management authorities and land management and planning agencies).



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