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IWN March Update

Here’s what’s happening this month IWN has completed a website refresh, which went live 1 May. We welcome feedback on the new website from Victorian water industry professionals. Rian Sullings from City West Water has been named Program Manager for a new IWN program – Digital Metering Systems. Rod Curtis from Western Water is the new co-lead for Energy and Carbon, supporting Steve Reddington (Barwon Water).…

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Join Pride in Water to celebrate IDAHOBIT and LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the water industry International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia & Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) celebrates LGBTIQ+ people globally, and raises awareness for the work still needed to support the LGBTIQ+ community. On IDAHOBIT (May 17), people all over the world stand against discrimination in support of…

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How is WaterAid working to tackle COVID-19?

All 35 countries where WaterAid works have confirmed cases of COVID-19, with most of them now reporting local transmission, meaning that the virus is passing from person-to-person in-country, rather than just being imported from outside of the country. In the face of this, WaterAid is running digital/social/media hygiene behaviour change campaign in collaboration with the National and…

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Predicting photolytic removal of CECs in wastewater and stormwater treatment assets using a chemoinformatic tool

To address compliance with new demanding regulations for varying sources coupled with budget restrictions, utilities need a cost-effective tool to identify the most problematic chemicals of emerging concern (CECs) and their removal in natural treatment processes such as lagoons. Photolysis is an important removal mechanism, its extent varies with CEC and is correlated to wastewater…

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Let’s Talk Mental Health in Regional Areas

Join us 10.30am Friday 8 May for a free webinar focused on rural and regional areas. As parts of Australia are still recovering from drought, floods and bushfires, covid-19 has now added additional stress points. In some cases, water authority field staff may now be spending more time alone as they continue to complete essential service tasks…

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A Word from the CEO

After two months of being homebound, I have been able to witness the good and the bad of this isolation strategy.  For anyone with pre-school or primary-age kids, it’s interesting to say the least.  And we have learnt more about our colleagues’ lives since virtually co-existing. But I won’t focus on the challenging aspects of…

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Onsite waste water systems and sewer connection powers

VicWater attended a meeting of DELWP Onsite Domestic Wastewater Steering Committee 29 April. The meeting included discussion on policy options to augment powers to connect properties to sewer services which were circulated to water corporations in February.

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Construction Procurement – Major Projects Standard Contract

VicWater will shortly circulate a detailed update to all Managing Directors on the Ministerial Directions for Public Construction Procurement and VicWater Working Group for Construction Contracts. The Working Group, chaired by Barwon Water, is currently preparing a request for quote to appoint a firm to draft the new contract Major Projects Standard Contract, a requirement…

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2021 Water Industry Asset Revaluation

VicWater has appointed Roy Farthing to update the 2015 Asset Valuation Methodology and Guidance for the 2021 valuation. The Water Industry Asset Revaluation Working Group, which includes water corporations, VAGO, DTF, VGA and DELWP is overseeing the consultancy. A draft update will be circulated to all water corporations on or around 8 May.

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