A Word from the CEO

On 17 and 18 June, VicWater held its inaugural Policy Forum. It was well-attended by all members and included a group of industry experts to challenge and improve our draft positions on seven critical policy issues affecting the sector. Ranging from water security to the recreational use of water storages, over the two days we received extensive input from participants, using ZOOM breakout rooms to ensure everyone had an opportunity.

Through VicWater's Policy Advisory Committee, we are now refining each of the seven position statements and the fundamental policy principles for our sector. Together, these will become the Victorian Water Industry's Policy Platform before the end of this year.

I am thrilled to see this work happening across the sector. By having a policy platform, we will have a consistent position on the matters of greatest importance to us. And when we speak to that position, we can be confident that we speaking as one sector.

Looking ahead, we are pleased to be working with WSAA in considering the sector's macro trends impacted by COVID-19. Macro trends are the big-picture, long-term changes which have an impact on our society such as urbanisation, automation, demographics and climate change.  On 15 July, we will be talking with our board directors and executives about what trends are most critically influencing and changing our sector.  Out of the session, we expect to generate a summary of key initiatives for the Victorian industry and a Victorian perspective on nationally important and relevant initiatives, with the draft elements of a scope for each. In addition, a national water industry COVID-19 macro trends document will be finalised for circulation to members.

Peter Morison
Chief Executive Officer