VicWater High Usage and Leakage Allowance guide review

VicWater presented an updated draft Guideline for Unexplained High Usage and Undetected Leak Enquiries at the IWA Customer Services SIG on 30 July and circulated a copy of the draft to water corporations and stakeholders.

The updated draft has been developed by a working group, chaired by Kerrie Clark (YVW) with representatives from water corporations, the Essential Services Commission and the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria.

The new guideline will benefit both water corporations and customers by providing more efficient and consistent handing of high usage and undetected leak enquiries.

After this consultation period, the water industry and stakeholder working group will meet online to endorse a final draft guideline which will be published on the VicWater website and commence usage. Dedicated public engagement material may also be developed in the future to assist water corporations communicate the new guideline to customers.

"VicWater’s ability to bring together water corporations across Victoria and create a new consistent approach to high or unexplained water usage was brilliant. They ensured that process for creation was considered, collaborative and mindful of delivering a better customer experience. It has been a pleasure to be involved"
Kerrie Clark, Chair of the High Usage and Leakage Allowance Working Group

VicWater would like to thank Kerrie, members of the working group, ESC, EWOV and Paul Pretto for their contribution to the project.

For more information contact James Cleaver