Sound familiar?

It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get rid of that stench!

I’ve heard it again and again within the waste water industry. Odour control is not core business, so we only pay attention when it’s being a big problem. Unfortunately, just like buying a dirt cheap, low quality engine oil from Super Cheap Auto, selecting the wrong odour control solution can cost you big time.

Corrosive or toxic chemicals like Ferric or Ferrous Chloride are not ideal can corrode and destroy downstream concrete pipes, manholes and treatment plant inlet infrastructure due to the natural pH of the chemical.

Solving the problem with carbon or biological filters will solve the external odour problem, however the hydrogen sulphide has a nasty habit of accumulating on surfaces within pipes and manholes, which converts to sulphuric acid which will quickly destroy concrete structures.

Fortunately there is a simple solution and it’s almost always the cheapest overall solution if you look at the whole lifecycle of each option. Calix ACTI-Mag uses a patented high surface area magnesium hydroxide to treat odour and pH at the source of the problem. It neutralises the water and ensures that hydrogen sulphide is not generated in the first place, eliminating odours and fixing acid attack.

So, just like when you are standing in front of the oil shelf at the auto parts store, remind yourself: ‘Oils ain’t Oils’. You wouldn’t put low quality oil in your car engine. So why risk your multi-million dollar infrastructure?

Michael Wheatland
CEng(Chemical Engineer), RPEQ
Business Development Manager | Australia New Zealand Region