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2019-20 Annual Report has arrived

While 2019-20 has provided many challenges, it has also been a year where VicWater has been able to bring a number of new supports to its members across the five…

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Providing Access to Clean Water

The Challenge: Providing Access to Clean Water eWATER set out to solve a major challenge that vexes the health and economic well-being of people in developing nations: access to clean…

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Team Update

After 19 years of faithful service, Fiona Ould is finishing in her role as VicWater’s Office Manager.  Some of you will know Fiona as the voice who answers the office…

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A Word from the CEO

Nearing the end of the year, it is always good to take stock of our progress and achievements.  And VicWater has experienced a bumper 2020!  Here’s a summary of our…

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Protecting Our Waterways For Future Generations

Protecting our precious natural resources matters more than ever before. This year’s Budget will improve the health of Victoria’s rivers, creeks and wetlands, preserving these iconic locations for families to…

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Rural Season Kicks Off

Coliban Water’s 2020/21 rural season will begin on Monday (November 23), with a 100 per cent allocation for the 10th year in a row. The rural system supplies untreated rural…

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