A Word from the CEO

The poet Christina Rosetti remarked “There is no time like Spring, when life’s alive in everything”.  Coupled with recent announcements of the easing of restrictions, the sense of life alive in everything right now seems stronger. Thanks to restricted activities over the last months, a renewed appreciation of nature and neighbourhoods may endure, bringing a new paradigm of community.

Our motto of 'better together' has become more obvious to me over the last six months with a strong sense of community revealed across our membership. Whether it be in the recently-published work on industry macro trends, the current review of our sector’s financial sustainability, or the preparation of an industry Policy Platform, we are making strides in progressing matters of significance to our industry.

Thanks to your feedback, we are focusing attention on the development of our boards’ governance kicking off a series of training with corporate secretaries in November. The governance training will continue into 2021. And as returning to the office becomes clearer, you can expect to see an enhanced member experience with hybrid meeting technologies and reception facilities.

So let’s enjoy the Spring and continue to support our valuable community with sector-wide initiatives that will benefit all.

Peter Morison
Chief Executive Officer