Carpark solar farm helps power Wodonga office

A mini-solar farm has been built over a section of carpark at North East Water’s head office in Wodonga.

Managing Director Craig Heiner said it’s another step in the Corporation’s journey to being carbon neutral by 2050.

“The 132kW system will provide 50% of the buildings energy use”, Mr Heiner said.

“On average, the 330 panels will generate 500kW per day on top of the rooftop panels already in place.

“This is a $400,000 investment with an expected 20 year lifespan on the panels and scope to increase the system size in future years if needed.

“One of the great things about this project is we’re getting free energy from the sun, but also incorporating shade protection for the carpark as a bonus.”

Mr Heiner added, “We’re proud of our commitment to reducing the organisations carbon emissions, and this project joins many others in our capital works program to help tackle climate change.”

“They include a large scale solar installation to power the Wodonga sewage plant as well as smaller regional projects incorporating more efficient design, equipment and operating processes.”