Rural Season Kicks Off

Coliban Water’s 2020/21 rural season will begin on Monday (November 23), with a 100 per cent allocation for the 10th year in a row.

The rural system supplies untreated rural water and some recycled water to 1,366 rural license holders through 500 kilometres of channels and pipelines.

Coliban Water Regional Livability Manager Steve Healy said the October rain meant this year’s season had begun a little later than usual.

“We are very pleased to be offering 100 per cent allocations to our customers for the 10th year running. That gives them certainty in an uncertain time and allows them to look forward with security,” he said.

“It also gives large customers such as the City of Greater Bendigo confidence they can get water on all the important sporting grounds, and parks and gardens this summer.”

Rural water delivery is based on demand, with water delivered only when demand is strong enough on a particular system to ensure efficiency.

“A lot of the rural channels are open and concrete-lined, or even just earth, so reducing losses is an important focus,” Mr Healy said.

“The more water we have flowing in a system, the better it is for efficiency.

“Customers can order water between 7am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and the Christmas/New Year break). We require 48 hours’ notice or two working days.

“Remember you need to be either a registered licence holder or a nominated rural ordering authorised person for the account.”

Rural customers who wish to order water need their property ID number ready when they call on 1300 761 738.

Victoria has a new focus on compliance for the rural and urban system, with tougher penalties for illegal take and use of water.

The maximum fines have increased to $990,000 for companies and $198,000 for individuals.

“Complying with your water licence is your responsibility,” Mr Healy said.

“If you’re unsure of your obligations, or want to know more, contact us and we’ll help.”

For further information, contact the Coliban Water Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 or visit