A Word from the CEO

Nearing the end of the year, it is always good to take stock of our progress and achievements.  And VicWater has experienced a bumper 2020!  Here’s a summary of our contributions over the year:

  • Creating the Policy Platform as a foundation for action and advocacy on regulatory reform, government policy, and the role of the industry in an evolving social, economic and environmental context
  • Reviewing the financial sustainability of our industry, revealing significant challenges and a roadmap for improvement
  • Supporting social procurement through pilots and resources that enable consistency and currency across the industry
  • Challenging red tape and proving efficiencies in areas of environmental protection, corporate governance, procurement, asset valuation, and customer support.
  • Providing a series of industry guides and thought leadership for progressing topics of industry significance
  • Working with our task groups to achieve better results in diversity and inclusion, environmental management, finance, policy, and safety.

VicWater is not just the team (as terrific as they are), but all of us – our members and team working to progress our cause as a strong, sustainable and reputable industry.

We are excited about 2021 with a clear mandate and a stream of significant projects to advance our industry.  For example, the Policy Platform will be enhanced as current issues are identified by members.  We will be looking further at red tape, its impacts on our members, and focal areas for change.  And we will be providing more director development and governance training.  These are just a few of the initiatives.

Thank you for your continued support.  I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a time of joy over the holiday period as you spend it with your families, friends, and communities.

Peter Morison