Gippsland Water and Latrobe City partner on hydration goals

Gippsland Water and Latrobe City have partnered to provide easy access to free drinking water at the new Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium in Traralgon and Gippsland Regional Cricket Centre of Excellence at Ted Summerton Reserve in Moe.

Gippsland Water managing director Sarah Cumming said the organisation has provided eight fountains across the two sporting facilities. 

“Keeping hydrated is so important – especially when you’re playing sport,” Ms Cumming said. 

“The best way to stay hydrated is to drink tap water and these fountains give our local sports stars and spectators easy access to it. 

“Tap water is much better for you than sugary sports drinks and it’s also better for the environment. 

“You can fill up your reusable drink bottle without having to spend money on single-use plastic bottles – most of which end up in landfill.” 

Latrobe City Council Mayor Cr Sharon Gibson said Council is continuing to look at providing better access to tap drinking water at its venues. 

“Although single-use plastic bottles are recyclable, the process consumes valuable resources at an environmental and economic cost,” Cr Gibson said. 

“This is not only a waste of our precious resources, but it also consumes valuable landfill space that costs Council – and ultimately ratepayers – money.” 

Cr Gibson urged people to choose tap water and take advantage of the new fountains donated by Gippsland Water. 

“In Latrobe City we’re fortunate to have high quality water supplied by Gippsland Water directly to our homes, businesses and now, via these fountains, in our sporting venues. 

“Not only does it taste great, but tap water is also far cheaper than buying bottled water.”