footprint® 2.0 – The smart metering platform for business, just got smarter!

Built for business, footprint® 2.0 provides network wide, near real-time monitoring of water, gas and electricity meters as well as trade waste parameters.

The web-based solution will support your business to:

  • Detect leaks and unusual consumption
  • Visualise use in near real-time
  • Enhance environmental reputation

Compatible with any data logger, footprint® 2.0 provides the visibility and alerts that your business needs - anywhere, anytime.

The new and improved footprint® 2.0 brings customers advanced functionality, including:

  • Usage anomaly reports.
  • The ability to customise the interface and reports.
  • The option to add your own brand to the interface and reports.
  • Advanced interface and search functionality.
  • Increased visibility over main and sub meters in the network, and
  • Access to raw meter data

footprint® 2.0 available soon!

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