Meet Llewellyn Prain – Founder, WaterAble

VicWater is excited to have the founder of WaterAble, Llewellyn Prain, speak at our webinar ‘Smoothing the Path for Disability Employment in the Water Industry’ on 3 March 2021. Llewellyn sits on several boards, and is a Director at Western Water, so her water sector experience, lived experience with disability and role in bringing views on diversity, difference and inclusion to the table makes her an ideal guest speaker for this important topic.

WaterAble is a network for people with disability and their allies. It seeks to improve the employment of people with disability in the Victorian water industry and to highlight the benefits that people with disability bring to the workplace.

Llewellyn says: “I am better at what I do because of my disability, not despite it. Developing a vision impairment has enabled me to be braver and bring different perspectives and experiences to the work I do. While some things are harder and there is still frustration and grief sometimes, having a disability has changed me for the better.”

WaterAble also aims to help people with disability feel less isolated in the day-to-day challenges they may face in the workplace. In December 2020, WaterAble ran an event to celebrate the International Day of People with a Disability. The event connected workplace leaders with people with a disability to talk about disability inclusion and what it means for everyone. The resounding success of this event has led to the new WaterAble ‘Connections Program’, which will be launched as part of the ‘Smoothing the Path for Disability Employment in the Water Industry’ webinar on 3 March 2021.

WaterAble will welcome expressions of interest for the program during March. Leaders will be paired with people with disability in our industry to enable new connections and dialogues about disability inclusion and how to improve it.

If you are interested in improving disability inclusion in your workplace, you can register for the VicWater webinar here.