Litter as art

Sculpture packs a powerful message on rubbish

It’s not quite as famous as LA’s iconic Hollywood sign yet – but a new portable sculpture created for Melbourne Water’s Litter Action campaign is set to become a community attraction throughout Wyndham City.

Made from intricately twisted chicken wire by local artist Kathy Holowko, the sculpture consists of one metre high 3D individual capital letters spelling “Our Home.”

Melbourne Water’s Waterwatch Coordinator Dr Teresa Mackintosh says locals chose the words in response to a social media campaign about the project.

“The community told us they felt ‘Our Home’  best defined what this campaign and sculpture is trying to achieve. That is - to increase litter awareness and action amongst the Wyndham community - and in doing so, protect and care for the local environment – their home.

“Each of the sculptured letters is hollow and we are encouraging people passing by to put their rubbish inside them. This is a powerful visual and practical action to remind people to bin their litter and help protect our waterways and wildlife.”

Over the last three years, Melbourne Water has run the Litter Action Project, working with communities, schools and environmental groups to conduct clean-ups and audits at litter hotspots in their local area.

“Almost 40,000 pieces of litter have been recorded – which is just the tip of the iceberg,” Dr Mackintosh said.

The Our Home sculpture is the latest initiative in Melbourne Water’s Litter Action Project and done in collaboration with NatureWest and The Werribee River Association.

The Chair of NatureWest Bruce Boddington says community groups will be able to take the portable sculpture on site for any litter clean-up events.

“We feel this sculpture will convey a powerful message to the community, to link the negative effects of litter to the heart of our lives; our home. ”

For community groups in Wyndham wanting to showcase the “Our Home’ sculpture along the Werribee River and other waterways in Wyndham – please contact Wyndham Litter Warriors: 9394 8385, Love Our Streets 0433 559 530, or Beach Patrol 3030