Supporting customers to deliver smart low pressure sewer systems, controlled by OneBox®

Iota is working on projects around the world with forward-thinking utilities that see the OneBox® as a solution for their sewage challenges. In addition to helping make low pressure sewage systems smart and more manageable, Iota has been evolving the OneBox® so that it can add more value within a network, for example monitoring water flows and other services such as gas and electricity. This has been implemented to its full extent at South East Water’s globally recognised AquaRevo development where three types of water, three types of electricity and gas is being monitored and for some services controlled at the residential level by the OneBox®. They have also added in control of misting and irrigation applications at the residence. Aquarevo | South East Water

OneBox solution
OneBox portal

In the low pressure sewer context, OneBox® provides utilities with visibility of individual pressure sewer units and the network as a whole from an operator-designed portal. Utilities can manage flows to downstream assets and identify sites of infiltration. Automated alerts support utilities to avoid damaging and costly sewer spills to the environment, remove their customers from the alarms process and bring efficiencies to their operations.

We’ll let some of our customers tell you of the real-world benefits they’re realising:

“South East Water has rolled out OneBox® across its $256 million PeninsulaECO project – one of the largest pressure sewer projects in Australian history. The inclusion of OneBox® on that project significantly contributed to the $100 million saving on the initial $357 million cost and allowed residents along its path to connect up to 16 years earlier than first anticipated.”
Charlie Littlefair, Liveable Water Solutions General Manager, South East Water

"The smart pressure sewer network enabled by OneBox® allowed us to provide modern wastewater services to our residents that won’t spill, and benefits both our customers and the local environment."
Phillippe du Plessis, Managing Director, South Gippsland Water 

“Having visibility of the network through the Iota Portal during a wet weather event is absolutely critical in preventing spills and damage to pumps.”
Darren Wharton, Executive Manager, Sustainable Utility Services Altogether 


Find out more about how OneBox® is benefiting our customers at OneBox® – Iota Services