A Word from the CEO

This year, it would seem that not a week has gone by without learning of a new or a growing issue affecting our members.

Our team has been at the forefront supporting members in resolving these issues.  While these issues may have an overall positive impact on customers or the community, most add to the growing input costs to our members and require further administrative treatment.

VicWater is currently working on the following:

  • New drinking water quality guidance from the Department of Health
  • Preparedness for EPA general environmental duty responsibilities
  • Expansion of the Victorian Government Procurement Board requirements
  • Public Construction Reporting obligations
  • Victorian Protective Data Security Standards
  • Social procurement requirements, including Modern Slavery Act compliance
  • Asset Management Accounting Framework
  • Gender Equality Act reporting requirements taking effect in July.

We can see that from July this year our members are going to be busier taking on additional implementation and reporting requirements. At present, we are doing our best to reduce the impact of these issues through negotiations with government agencies, using sector working groups and forums, and conducting projects to test and resolve new requirements.

Running up to July, we will be seeking your support in detecting the impact of these issues and providing clear guidance on how we have or are reducing the impact. The key task groups of VicWater are integral to this work – the Policy Advisory Committee, Finance Issues Steering Committee, Diversity Inclusion Steering Committee and Cyber Governance Steering Committee.

Addressing these issues is core to VicWater’s mission, “To be the leading advocate for Victorian Water Businesses in their interaction with government, its agencies and the community.”  We expect to make the difference that you need.

Peter Morison