New tech trials for IWN members

Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) has a new set of technology trials for its member water corporations. Please email the team to find out more.


Fixed/portable unit trial

Open to one IWN member water corporation

Test and trial BactoSense to identify, monitor, trend and make visual the impact of seasonal and operational changes on final water microbiology in near real time. The trial will run over one week and we'll need you to provide comparison samples tested by a NATA laboratory and a nominated trial project manager.


Data cleansing trial

Open to all IWN member water corporations

This trial involves SensorClean beta testing software. You will need to provide SCADA data for potable water (flow or reservoir) with columns of time stamp and values. We will run a workshop to share and provide our findings to all participants.


Satellite sewer vegetation trial

Open to one IWN member water corporation

This trial will use satellites to determine healthy vegetation over the sewer network as a screening tool to prevent sewer blockages. In the first month, you'll need to provide network maps covering locations known to have had tree root intrusion with time periods over which to assess change. You'll receive a draft trial report the next month.


Portable pipe scanner trial

Open to two IWN member water corporations

Test and trial five portable pipe scans in one month. Participating water corporations will need to provide a site manager and excavations for the trial, which will last one month. A draft trial report will be prepared the following month.


Pipe penetrating robot trial

Open to two IWN member water corporations

Test and trial the pipe penetrating robot (PPR) on a concrete sewer pipeline up to 400mm. The PPR penetrates concrete pipe looking for soft material caused by H2S damage, then compares these results against new concrete pipe to determine the pipeline's remaining life.


Model-based reliability trial

Open to one IWN member water corporation

MADe (Maintenance Aware Design environment) can be used to prevent asset failure and enhance reliability, maintenance and diagnostics analysis outputs. The proof of concept for this trial was completed at Goulburn Valley Water (email us for the report).  Water corporations interested in the next stage of the trial will require available and quality data.