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Tech trial opportunities with IWN

Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) has the following trial opportunities for member water corporations. Smart Observer Open to one member water corporation This remote monitoring solution visualises the condition of submersible pumps and diagnoses issues before they become serious. It combines ifm’s VSE diagnostic technology, which uses task-specific submersible accelerometers, and software to identify pumping issues…

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Looking to boost the digital capability of your business?

The Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs program is creating a new pipeline of talent to meet the digital skills needs of Victorian employers. Digital Jobs takes capable, experienced mid-career workers looking for a career change and helps them become web developers, data analysts, digital marketers and more. Each job-ready candidate is freshly trained in a digital…

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Water corporations collaborate to move closer to a circular economy

South East Water, Greater Western Water, Intelligent Water Networks and RMIT University are collaborating on a new wastewater management project that will convert leftover biosolids into a carbon-rich form of charcoal, which farmers and the broader agriculture industry can utilise to improve soil quality. The leftover biosolids would normally be sent to landfill, and with…

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Wannon Water succeeds in Healthy Workplaces Achievement accreditation

Wannon Water has become the first Victorian water corporation to successfully achieve accreditation in the Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program.  To achieve accreditation an organisation must fulfil all five health areas in the program. These include physical activity, healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing, alcohol and other drug use, and smoking. Workplaces that join the program…

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Jane Ryan on Secondments at the Executive Level

Having recently moved in to her second secondment, Jane Ryan, has some fantastic insights to offer on the value of secondments. Jane was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Minister Lisa Neville, Minister for Water, Emergency Services and Police, for Victoria. She currently works for DELWP and has spent 20 years of her career at…

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North East Water celebrates Naidoc Week with Aboriginal art projection

North East Water is using the façade of its head office in Wodonga as a canvas to project images of art work, created by local Aboriginal artists to celebrate Naidoc Week. Naidoc Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This years’ theme, Heal Country, seeks institutional, structural, and…

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A Word from the CEO

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a meeting of Chief Financial Officers from our regional members.  I was impressed by the enthusiasm of this group which committed to reforms that will have a marked and positive impact on our industry and its customers.  Such considerations included: the potential application of the Victorian Power…

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Super and the government pension: what income can I expect in retirement?

We often hear that we’ll need a million dollars in super before we’re able to think about retiring comfortably. And while it’s a lovely round number, it can also be completely wrong. There’s certainly no one-size-fits-all when it comes to knowing how much you’ll need in retirement, and there’s some thought involved in working out…

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