Tech trial opportunities with IWN

Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) has the following trial opportunities for member water corporations.

Smart Observer

Open to one member water corporation

This remote monitoring solution visualises the condition of submersible pumps and diagnoses issues before they become serious. It combines ifm’s VSE diagnostic technology, which uses task-specific submersible accelerometers, and software to identify pumping issues and provide warnings via email or text.

NO-DES cleaning

Open to one member water corporation

NO-DES is an innovative solution for cleaning water mains with virtually no loss of water. We are offering a one-day trial at one of our member water corporations. You would need to provide water reticulation plans and field technicians.

Modla – reliability centred maintenance and decisions

Open to all member water corporations

This trial will review one asset type. For example: sewer reticulation, in which each participant will receive prioritised sewer data to develop a works program for sewer relining and mains cleaning. We will also run a workshop to build the decision-making framework and develop your works program.

Eco Detection – real-time water quality monitoring

Open to one member water corporation

This is designed to provide real-time river monitoring, upstream and downstream of a suitable wastewater treatment plant's discharge point. It will collect 4-6 measurements per day for six months. You will need to collect laboratory samples and conduct testing at ad hoc times for trial validation purposes.

You can also see a map of the technology trials currently underway on IWN’s website here.

Please email IWN on for more information or to take part.