Change to Operator Registration Framework

The National Drinking Water Operator Certification Framework was originally developed in 2012, and Certification was the adopted name as it most accurately reflected the agreed need of the water industry at the time.

Over time, there has been growing confusion over the term as it relates to national Vocational Education and Training terminology where many individuals hold a Certificate II or III.  Holding a Certificate II or III does not mean they are “Certified” under the Framework, which is the process that ensures operators have the units of competency relevant to the specific treatment processes they operate, as well as committing to ongoing skills development and so on.

Following a Taskforce meeting in July, draft amendments were made to the Framework to reflect name changes:

  • Water Industry Operator Registration Framework 2021;
  • Water Industry Operator Registration Taskforce (WIORT);
  • Registering Body in lieu of Certifying Body; and
  • Registered Professional Operator to replace Certified Operator.

Operators “Certified” under former Frameworks will be automatically recognised as “Registered Professional Operators” under the conditions of this Framework, provided the conditions of previous Framework versions, including timeframes, continue to be met.

The only other amendments include a revised listings of units of competency to reflect updates to the National Water Training Package (NWP).

The new Framework version has now been approved and released.

This includes a new fact sheet, updated framework document and Terms of reference for the WIORT, with other documents to be updated in due course.

WIOA as the Certifying Body has also updated its pages, which you can view here.

Please contact Peter Morison if you have any queries.