A Word from the CEO

This week, our members would have received VicWater’s 2020-21 Achievements Report. This provides a concise overview of what we did last year – and surprisingly a great deal despite the odds against us! Looking at just a few of the positives of last financial year:

  • we were supported by members to the extent that we have sufficient reserves to be able to flex to new modes of service
  • there were many opportunities for VicWater to represent its members and our work with regulators was testament to that
  • upskilling in online technologies opened new avenues for the provision of events and member engagement, exemplified by our fully online annual conference in September 2020 and hybrid Connect conference in May 2021.

What happens next for VicWater? Never suspecting we would still be limited by COVID-19 in September 2021, I am uncertain. But COVID-19 has demonstrated our immense capacity to collaborate and support each other. It is in our collective hands: driving ongoing water security and generating the value for Victorians our industry is well known for. That is something for which I am certain.

Peter Morison
Chief Executive Officer