VicWater CEO on shaping a sustainable water future for Victoria

Value for Victorians: Sustaining valuable water services in a changing climate


Community value underpins our services

The economy, liveability, and sustainability of Victoria depends on the Victorian water industry. We are proud to provide that value for Victorians.

The Victorian water sector provides more than just water services. Across Victoria, 18 water businesses employ more than 6,000 people, generating nearly $6.5 billion to support the delivery of essential community services.

The sector continues to deliver on key Government policy and strategy and fulfils the growing regulatory and stakeholder requirements.

Despite significant growth in operational costs, our industry has held costs down since 2011 to maximise the lifestyle benefits enjoyed by all Victorians.

The Victorian water industry is the most efficient in Australia. Our water bills are the lowest compared to other jurisdictions and other utilities. And they are affordable – comprising less than 1.2% of disposable income 1.

We are adjusting to big changes

Our climate and population in Victoria are changing. These changes are significant and are impacting our water supplies and treatment volumes. We expect these impacts to grow.

Our customers do not want to see “Day Zero”, dusty sports fields and dying parks and gardens. Our communities want to continue to enjoy the value for Victorians our industry provides.

Providing value means an investment in resilience that will avoid Day Zero. To do this, some customer bills may rise over time.

We seek a sustainable pathway

The Victorian water industry will remain efficient and driven by customers’ needs. We welcome the scrutiny of the Essential Services Commission in regulating our prices on behalf of the community and government.

We will follow a pathway that minimises the impact of growing costs as we listen to our customers. We will continue to provide the appropriate support to customers experiencing hardship.

This is value for Victorians.


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1. 2018-19 ABS data – typical bill as a proportion of disposable income, including imputed rent and services in kind.


You can download a copy of this statement here.