Victorian water sector committed to Net Zero

The Glasgow Climate Change Conference - COP26 (Oct 31 – Nov 12 2021) has opened much needed conversations around the Race to Net Zero. These conversations are unfolding all over the world in all industries and sectors, and the Victorian water sector is no different.

Individual water corporations are sharing the news that they have joined the Race to Net Zero and VicWater is excited to see our members embrace this commitment to protecting the environment. Under the Water for Victoria plan, the Victorian water sector committed to leading on climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

Even more exciting is that some water corporations are committing to even more ambitious targets, with Gippsland Water recently announcing they are aiming for Net Zero by 2030. Goulburn Valley Water is aiming to get all their electricity from renewables within the next three to four years, with the intention of halving their carbon emissions by 2025.

Coliban Water have also signed up and have made a commitment to reduce their emissions by 13 percent by 2025 – this is equivalent to removing 935 cars from our roads. Yarra Valley Water, Barwon Water, South East Water and Melbourne Water have also signed up to the Race to Net Zero.

The Victorian water sector emits a quarter of the Victorian Government’s carbon emissions, making it the largest contributor to the Government’s total carbon emissions. In the 2019/20 financial year the Victorian water sector released almost one million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gases. You can read more about the sector’s carbon emissions here.

Each of the Victorian water corporations has committed to making significant emissions reduction by 2025, by signing up to the Statement of Obligation (emissions reductions) which collectively aims to reduce emissions by 42 per cent, using 2011-2016 emission average as a baseline. You can read more about the targets here. There are a number of projects underway that are actively working towards reducing emissions.

VicWater extends our congratulations to all the water corporations for their commitment to reducing emissions and working towards a more environmentally responsible water sector.