A Word from the CEO

As you read this article, I hope you are either planning or have taken some well-deserved time and enjoy situations where you can recalibrate for 2022.

For me, this is time in the Blue Mountains where I grew up. This ancient place hosts many ecological wonders. It is there I have a penchant for hikes involving waterfalls and swimming holes. They are spiritual places of ablution where I can reshape my perspective and be grateful for the beauty of our natural environment. I am certain this refreshment will stimulate my perspective for 2022 at VicWater.

While we start the year markedly with a review of compliance costs, planning an industry emissions reduction program, and establishing a water and catchments director development program, we will also spend time looking further ahead. In December, we sought advice from a group of critical friends within our industry who could honestly tell us what we needed to pursue over the next 15 years.

We heard encouraging messages in reinforcing our role as a peak body and having the permission for advocacy and agency.  While we are still working on the specific areas of focus in preparation for our next Strategic Plan, the messages clearly point to the knowledge that we are better together. Here’s to 2022 revealing this in our initiatives that will make the difference the sector needs.