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VicWater Board – Call for Nominations

VicWater invites all water corporation chairs, directors and managing directors to consider nominating for election to the Board. Over the past few years, VicWater has made transformational changes to give…

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VicWater Leadership Update

Dear Members, It is with mixed emotions the VicWater board advises you that Peter Morison has been successful in securing a newly created role of Manager, Integrated Water & Catchments…

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February Policy Update

Guidance material to support implement of General Environment Duty under the EP Act We are still waiting to receive feedback from the EPA on the approach to GED proposed in…

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A Word from the CEO

Heading into February, I’ve observed the busyness of our members abruptly stepping into the year pulling together resources to support their operations. Indeed, it is a big year. While there…

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Minimising your risk from cyber crime

During the current Covid-19 pandemic the finance industry generally has seen an increase in various scams, as criminals try to take advantage of the disruption and uncertainty that has occurred.…

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