A Word from the CEO

In my last update to you as CEO, I write to you with gratitude and optimism.  Reflecting on the time I have been in this role, I am immensely proud of what our industry has produced.

Here is a sample of the great things achieved over the last few years:

  • Creation of the industry’s policy platform that has supported effective government and stakeholder engagement and advocacy.
  • A renewed and focused agenda of sector leadership through our Managing Directors and Board Chairs forums.
  • Flagship strategic projects that support the sector’s financial sustainability and ESG capabilities, such as the industry sector economics review and its messages – Value for Victorians.
  • Tailored member experiences embracing hybrid and virtual event environments, updated member facilities including providing a modern meeting hub in the CBD with contemporary IT facilities, VicWater website and social media.
  • A co-designed continuous professional development program for industry non-executive directors that commences this year.

While our foundation is strong and our achievements are evident, it remains a challenge for VicWater to keep up with the pace of change that our industry is experiencing, while joining up and filtering the various transactions occurring between members, government agencies, and other industry parties.

I do not doubt we will rise to that challenge and maintain focus on the things that count for our sector, driving collective value in areas such as circular economy, industry partnerships, thought leadership, and service enhancements.  That is because we are backed by a solid and engaged industry which recognises that we are better together.

VicWater will continue to thrive with the positive efforts of its Board, staff, and members. I thank them for their support over the time I’ve been privileged to lead this organisation and entrust the next phase to the very talented Jo Lim as Interim CEO.