March Policy Update

Cost of compliance project

Since the last update, the consultants (Inxure Strategy Group, supported by Frontier Economics), have held a series of interviews and a workshop with members to develop the method for collecting information and priority compliance costs.  The Project Control Group has assisted with the refinement of the compliance categories, which will be used in the collation. The project is on track to be completed by the end of April.

Practical guidance documents to support the implementation of EPA revised guideline for water recycling

After consulting with DELWP and EPA, we are planning workshops per below and will shortly be confirming dates with our member representatives:

  • Workshop on draft Health and Environment Management Plan (HEMP) guidance document – early April 2022
  • Workshop on draft User Site Management Plan (USMP) guidance document – early May 2022
  • Workshop on draft auditing guidance document – early June 2022

Carbon Offsets project

At the December 2021 Forum, Managing Directors agreed that meeting net zero commitments is a high priority issue for all water corporations, and that there is benefit in developing an overarching approach to inform and support water corporations’ individual pathways to net zero. There is also a genuine opportunity for the industry to work collectively and collaboratively to leverage the market and avoid unproductive competition between corporations.

Since then, VicWater has established a Project Steering Group (PSG) with a mix of technical experts and executives, with Nerina di Lorenzo of Melbourne Water as the MD sponsor. With the recent appointment of a project manager, Ivana Gillard, the PSG will refine the project scope, business case and deliverables for MDs to sign-off at its Forum on 7 April 2022.

VicWater ‘Puddle’ Model Financial Statements

VicWater continues to work with KPMG to generate model financial statements for 2022. The consultants have met with the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office and received feedback on minor refinements to the draft model statements.  These will be circulated to member representatives by mid-March.


Industry Procurement

The VicWater Procurement Working Group met on 23 February and discussed the finalisation of the industry construction contracts, the state purchasing contract for electricity and the procurement of an industry platform that supports modern slavery compliance and social procurement.  The latter program is commencing as VicWater seeks to engage a procurement leader to assist in searching for the most fitting technology for our members.