Safety Alert: Crane boom almost contacts high voltage powerline


Date of incident: 22/11/2021


A Franna crane was used to transport an aerator from one lagoon to another, when it came very close to contacting an overhead high voltage powerline.

Contributing Factors:
  • Spotter not directly spotting
  • Synthetic sling too long for task required
  • Crane boom too high and extended for travelling task under HV powerline
  • 048 not completed correctly (risk assessment)
  • Crane driver could not see powerlines
  • No load restraint used
  • Incorrect process for aerator cable/s placement while travelling


Preventive Actions:
  • A spotter must spot only for the plant and equipment in use and not perform other tasks
  • Correct slinging of load/s
  • Follow training and procedures; SOP 086 working near overhead or underground services
  • Task discussion and job site walk over, complete risk assessment in a group environment


Ongoing Safe Actions
  • At no stage shall a spotter perform other tasks while spotting.