Governance and Strategy

Our overall aim for the VicWater Director Development Program is to 'build your understanding of the sector and the context in which your organisation is operating and introduce you to ways of thinking and frameworks to help navigate ‘contemporary’ issues'.

Module 1 : Governance and Strategy

Dr Jane Doolan explores the policy and governance background to the water and catchment management sectors and your role as Director, operating within the sector and shaping the sector.

You will also hear from Ivana Gillard about some frameworks for understanding the role of strategy in unlocking public value and how public value has changed over time.

During the session we will also spend time discussing how your Board understands public value and balances strategy and governance.

This two hour module will air 12pm - 2pm Tuesday 9 August 2022

The VicWater Director Development Program 2022 is a partnership between Monash Sustainable Development Institute and supported by Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning