Policy Update – September 2022

Cost of compliance project

Since the last update, the Managing Directors, at their 4 August 2022 Forum, endorsed VicWater’s proposed approach to the recommendations contained within the Cost of Compliance report.  VicWater will now begin work on addressing the recommendations, in line with what has been endorsed by the Managing Directors.

Practical guidance documents to support the implementation of EPA revised guideline for water recycling

Since the last update, the consultants have produced drafts of the three guidance documents (guidance on preparing Health and Environmental Management Plans (HEMPs) for Class B and C Recycled Water Schemes; guidance on producing User Site Management Plans (USMPs) for Class B and C Recycled Water Schemes; HEMP auditing guidance).

The draft guidance documents have been sent out for industry review and comment, prior to their finalisation.  The feedback period closes on COB Friday 2 September 2022.

Carbon Offsets project

Since the last update, the two working groups that have been formed to support the delivery of Phase 2A of the Carbon Offsets project, the Portfolio Working Group and the Governance Working Group, have been working away on developing the scope of works for the delivery of Phase 2A of this project.

As a reminder, Phase 2A aims to confirm the benefits of a collective approach, the governance needs of the delivery model, and that the water corporations’ collective needs can be met at both the portfolio and project level.

Guidance documents on meeting general environmental duty (GED)

Whilst it has not been mentioned for several policy updates, VicWater and industry representatives have been working away in the background with the engaged consultants to finalise a couple of guidance documents on how water corporations can demonstrate compliance with the requirements of general environmental duty (GED) with respect to the reporting and management of sewer spills and contaminated land.

After a final round of consultation, the finalised documents were provided to VicWater on Monday 22 August 2022.  They are now in the process of being formatted prior to being supplied to representatives of those water corporations who participated in the project.