WWDN Allies Program – Featuring Stephen Brown, NEW

The Women in Water Director Network (WWDN) was formally established in 2018 with the aim to provide a place and space for women directors of water corporations to network, collaborate, mentor and support each other to ensure the Victorian water industry can achieve a truly diverse and equitable water sector.

To achieve a truly diverse and equitable water sector, the WWDN believe we cannot only focus on one side of the coin.  We have been inspired by the approach of the Male Champions of Change Program to engage men to build on the female-led work to date to drive accelerated progress for increased gender equity and equality.

Akin to the Male Champions of Change, WWDN is seeking to build the group of Allies in our industry. The Allies are senior male leaders from our industry, that can work together with us to accelerate our purpose of achieving a truly diverse and equitable water sector, who are willing to stand up, positively influence and constructively challenge gender equality at all levels of our water corporations and CMAs to collectively raising the bar of our water sector.

In a new initiative, WWDN asked some of the current Allies why they think diversity is important. VicWater will be featuring the Allies responses in the coming months of VicWater Update.

Why do you think diversity is important?

Please read Stephen Brown’s (Deputy Chair, North East Water) response below:

Stephen Brown, Deputy Chair, North East Water and WWDN Allies Member

“We increase our frame of reference in various ways including reading and lived experiences; however, learning from others is highly valuable. Diversity results in better decision making and outcomes, and I believe no one individual in a group has the best solution.

 From my experience asking others to build on ideas improves decision making and highlights aspects an individual would not have considered. Working in Singapore and Moscow on short term secondments confirmed to me the value of expanding our frame of reference to appreciate other perspectives.

 Personal experiences are limited, and we can accelerate this learning by bringing diversity to any group or discussion to support better outcomes”.

If you are interested in learning more about the Allies program, contact co-chairs Nicola Hepenstall or Leanne Mulcahy through vicwater@vicwater.org.au.