Staying Safe Online

Vision Super is aware of the recent data breaches, such as the one involving Optus customer information. Keeping your super and data safe is very important to us.  We have safeguards in place to protect your personal information. Our teams are engaged in heightened monitoring for ID theft. We may ask you additional security questions when you call us, and this is done to protect your personal information.

We encourage all members to remain vigilant and report any unusual activity to us immediately.

Be particularly wary of scams delivered by phone call or SMS. Do not trust a caller because they may know some of your personal information. If you’ve received an SMS claiming to be from Vision Super that asks you to click a link, please ignore this it won’t be from us.

Scammers can use phishing SMS to trick you into providing login information. People tend to trust SMS more than email, but links contained in an SMS can be equally dangerous and may take you to a malicious website or download malware.

Questions to ask & things to look out for

  • Do you know the sender, and do you usually receive SMS messages from the sender? Beware, scammers can mimic the phone numbers of legitimate organisations.
  • Does the message seem generic or does it contain errors and grammatical mistakes?
  • Always inspect links before opening them to check if the real destination domain name matches with the expected sender organisation, in this case, Vision Super
  • SMS Phishing, or ‘Smishing’ messages, play on your emotions by creating a sense of urgency, followed by a link to click. For example, ‘Your account is temporarily frozen, please login immediately to lift the restriction’.

Other security tips

  • Always use the official Vision Super app, or website to access your account.
  • Don’t share your PINs or passwords with anyone
  • Avoid using the same password for multiple sits and logins, there are many password manager applications to help manage this challenge
  • Stay on top of the latest scams by visiting the Australian Government’s Scamwatch website.

Reasons we may contact you

As a Vision Super member, you will hear from us on a quarterly basis to provide an update on what is happening with the Fund and with the superannuation sector.  This update will contain links to content on our website. You may also receive communications in response to transactions you have performed on your account.

Vision Super will never ask you to reply to an email or SMS with your password. We will ask you to log into our secure site or suggest you call our Melbourne based Member Services team. If you are ever unsure about anything that we send, please give us a call on 1300 300 820, we will be happy to help and confirm the communication is valid.