WWDN Introduces Co-Chairs

The Women in Water Directors Network (WWDN) is thrilled to introduce their new co-Chairs in Leanne Mulcahy (North East Water) and Nicola Hepenstall (South Gippsland Water) and would like to thank outgoing Chair Tania Fryer for all her hard work over the past two years. In shifting to a Co-Chair model, part of our inspiration has been thinking about role modelling flexibility and encouraging diversity of thought into leadership positions across the sector, we have been particularly inspired by the concept of ‘top sharing’ which was covered in the October WWDN event.

The WWDN was established in 2018 to create a positive and enabling environment so women directors can thrive and be successful in the Victorian water industry. It aims to provide a place and space for women directors of water corporations to network, collaborate, mentor and support each other to ensure the Victorian water industry can achieve a truly diverse and equitable water sector.

The WWDN is managed by a committee of directors from water corporations and CMAs across the state. We welcome all directors, regardless of gender, who support gender balance to participate in WWDN activities. To date, the Network has held over 10 industry events. We run a peer program annually which supports and develops female directors across the sector, and an Ally program which allows males within the sector to help champion change.

If you would like to know more about the WWDN, or their peer and Ally programs, please contact co-Chairs Leanne Mulchahy or Nicola Hepenstall via Vicwater@vicwater.org.au