Central Highlands Water celebrates 100th Choose Tap drinking fountain

Central Highlands Water (CHW) have celebrated their 100th Choose Tap drinking fountain with a new installation at Gong Gong Reservoir Park. The new drinking fountain marks the 100th installation across the CHW service region, which provides easy access to quality drinking water, in a sustainable way, to the local community.

Since the first installation in 2015, in partnership with local shires and councils, schools and many community organisations, CHW has continued to encourage reducing single-use plastic waste to protect the environment for future generations.

In addition to the fountain, CHW installed their first bicycle repair station for recreational cyclists accessing the Gong Gong Reservoir Park. The station includes a bicycle pump and tools to assist cyclists in maintaining their bicycles while visiting via the Yarrowee River Trail and surrounding roads.

The amenities, combined with CHW’s Choose Tap program, will encourage the community to choose tap water over bottled water, for health, cost and sustainability benefits.

The eye-catching fountains feature the artwork of Billy-Jay O’Toole, a proud Wadawurrung Traditional Owner. The artwork, known as Managing Country Together, represents the relationship between CHW and the 4 registered Aboriginal Parties on which CHW’s catchment extends, being Wadawurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung, Wurundjeri and Barenji Gadjin.

Choose Tap facts:
• Your body is 70% water.
• Dehydration reduces your ability to concentrate by 13%.
• Drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day helps to keep you in top shape.
• More than 50% of plastic bottles end up as landfill or rubbish.
• In Australia, we spend more than $680 m a year on bottled water.
• Over 90% of the cost of a bottle of water is for the bottle, lid and label.

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