VicWater Director Masterclass Program

Deepen your knowledge and strengthen your strategic leadership and governance skills to create a legacy of healthy and sustainable water systems and communities.

Our waterways and water systems are essential for life, critical for economic activity, vital for social and cultural wellbeing and central to environmental health. Water corporations and catchment management authorities play a crucial role in securing these benefits on behalf of communities.

But, they face a growing set of complex challenges, driven by environmental change, rising social expectations, technological developments, regulatory complexity and fiscal constraints.

Directors of water corporations and catchment management authorities need opportunities to gain insight into contemporary governance issues and ways of thinking to deliver public value and ensure healthy and sustainable water systems and communities.

The VicWater Director Masterclass Program is designed to meet this need.


This program is designed for Directors of Victorian Water Corporations and Catchment Management Authorities (water sector directors) who want to develop:

  • deeper insight into the sector and ways of thinking to strengthen governance and leadership skills.
  • a strategic mindset for providing oversight that goes beyond compliance to create a legacy of healthy and sustainable water systems and communities
  • greater foresight and ways of thinking to address the emerging trends and forces shaping the future of the sector and prepare for long-term success

The program complements AICD and DELWP Director Development Programs and deals specifically with the unique challenges of the water and catchment management sector.


Learn from respected water sector facilitators

The program has been designed by Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) for VicWater. MSDI combines deep practical knowledge of the water sector and academic rigour with extensive experience in developing tailored leadership courses. The Masterclass facilitators are recognised leaders with vast experience in a variety of senior roles and can bring to life the mindsets and ways of thinking required for long-term success.

Learning with peers

The program is designed to draw on the experience of participants to enhance learning. An explicit focus of the program is to foster dialogue and sharing of knowledge and strengthen networks that will help you to achieve your leadership development goals.

Learning about new ways of thinking

This program explores ways of thinking that support collaborative and future-focused decision making. These skills will help you to support and influence your organisation to create a legacy of healthy and sustainable water systems and communities.


The VicWater Director Masterclass Program consists of two, 1-day, in-person Masterclasses. The Masterclasses are complimentary but can be taken independently depending on what's most relevant to you.

The Masterclasses allow for a deep dive into key themes, focus on ways of thinking and will draw extensively on the experience of the facilitators, speakers and participants.

Each Masterclass will be in-person in the Melbourne CBD and run over an afternoon (13:3017:30), followed by dinner (18:0020:00) and a morning on the next day (9:0013:00). This structure allows for deeper engagement and accommodates participants travelling from outside Melbourne. The dinner will include a panel discussion with invited speakers.

Masterclass 1: Contemporary ways of thinking: sector governance and leadership

This Masterclass focuses primarily on the ‘oversight’ role of directors. It will touch on aspects of governance, compliance, regulation, strategy and leadership in an integrated way.

16 March 2023 13:00 – 20:00 &
17 March 2023 9:00 – 13:00

Masterclass 2: New ways of thinking: addressing long-term challenges

This Masterclass will focus on the ‘foresight’ role of directors. It will explore the responses and capacities required to adapt to change including climate, indigenous water justice, sustainable development and diversity and inclusion and some tools and frameworks to influence long term outcomes.

18 May 2023 13:00 – 20:00 &
19 May 2023 9:00 – 13:00

The cost to participate in each Masterclass is $2,000 (ex GST).

To find out more information contact Monash.