Programs Update – October 2023

I can’t believe that we are into October already! This time last month we were busily preparing for our Annual Conference and now we are starting to look to the next ‘big thing’ which, for me is the OHS forum being held on October 24th.

I don’t think it is any secret that I believe I have one of the best jobs in the Victorian water sector, as I am in the privileged position that I get to see the cross sector collaboration and the culture of openness, authenticity and support that is fostered.

The OHS network is a prime example of this great culture of sharing with the network being made up of more than 60 people across the sector and includes delivery partners as well as practitioners from all water corporations. They are quite active and will be holding their first in person forum since before Covid which is focusing on ‘Driving Safety’, a theme that is fitting as it covers not only the safety of driving, but also shifting our safety culture forward.

A huge kudos to Rachael Raby and the network committee for pulling together a really interesting agenda. I am really looking forward to it. More information can be found here but a quick summary of the agenda is below.

  • Dr Sean Brady will be sharing his learnings from the QLD mine safety program and the identification of critical risks and controls.
  • Dr Amanda Stephens from the Monash Accident Research Centre discussing the practicalities of driver safety.
  • Dona Tantirimudalige from Westernport Water will be sharing her thoughts, which is always a fantastic way to spend time.
  • We will be hearing from new SEG chair and deputy chair about working closely with the network. I believe there was some discussion about an appearance from Maverick?
  • Jason and Elisa from IWN will be teaching us to fish…which I am assuming does not involve chips or oysters.
  • Finally this is wrapped up with a tour to Deakin’s IISRI Genesis Simulator, which is used in automotive design. Think show rides on steroids!

Hopefully I will see some of you there. The organising committee has done an amazing job and it would be great to have a full house… so follow the link to register here.