Programs Update

It has been a busy month, which I think is almost the new norm. It is lucky I enjoy what I do which makes it an enjoyable busy!

In early October we were hosted by Westernport Water for the MD's Forum. Bunarong Land Council gave an extremely educational and grounding Welcome to Country. Every time I attend a Welcome to Country I learn something new and feel a new connection and appreciation of the water sector’s role around Country. This was supported by the work that is being done by Westernport Water and their floating wetlands project which was fascinating. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I never knew that root length was so informative.

The Safety Executive Group had their first ever in person meeting being held at Greater Western Water in Sunbury, which was fantastic. I met people in person I had only ever seen on screen so the connection was invaluable as were the conversations. The group discussed their 90 day cadence and what can they realistically achieve to make progress against the Safety and Wellbeing Implementation plan including a discussion on data which I appreciate as a ‘reformed data nerd’ and building the connections with the OHS network, which leads me to the OHS Network Forum. There were about 50 safety bods from across the sector in person and another 25 or so joining online. There were some fantastic speakers and insights to be had, but for me, the highlight was seeing IWN launch their Safety Innovation Program (SIP) and seeing some of the ideas that the network raised for that program to work on. Again, I was happy to see that data was a discussion point.

The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee has also been active trying to finalise  the 2024 -28 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. The refreshed strategy builds on what has already been done and what is already in place to create a truly inclusive, equitable and diverse water sector. If you are interested in having a chat about it, please reach out. The DISC are excited about the new strategy and always happy to talk about it!

Reflecting on what was a hugely enjoyable, but jam- packed October, it is important to remind ourselves that just like eating too many mince pies, you can overdo the things that you love. So as we commence the countdown to Christmas (50ish days) knowing that our calendars will fill up with social and ‘not so social’ invitations, we should remind ourselves to take stock of where we are at and how we are feeling before we ‘reach for that next mince pie’. Have a great November!