About Us

We are VicWater

WE ARE Victoria’s peak industry association representing Victoria’s 18 water corporations and a number of other water sector organisations.

WE UNDERSTAND that collaboration lies at the heart of what we do.

WE KNOW that our members are better together, united to influence policy and regulation, plan for future challenges, generate shared value, promote best practice and build an innovative and robust water industry.

WE ARE agile and responsive to the needs of our members and the ever-changing environment in which they operate.

WE BRING people and organisations together to identify and deliver targeted projects that result in greater efficiencies and innovation.

WE VALUE strong leadership and strengthen sector governance by delivering development and networking opportunities for the director and executive cohort.

WE PROVIDE an effective vehicle for Victorian water corporations to benefit from shared learnings, investments, experimentation and risk-sharing, achieving real dollar industry efficiencies, and developing a common voice with stakeholders on key sector issues.

VicWater is here to serve the eighteen water corporations across Victoria.
These individual water corporations serve customers within the metropolitan, regional and rural areas of the state of Victoria.