Call for Papers – VicWater Annual Conference

2016-Call-for-PapersTo enable the development of the program we are inviting papers that explore the conference theme: GLOBAL CONTEXT: LEVERAGING DISRUPTION TO SHAPE OUR FUTURE.

The 2016 VicWater Annual Conference will investigate how global trends and technology could disrupt society, the economy and the water industry. Past trends indicate that disruptive technologies have an initial slow build then rapid disruptive impact once they hit a critical mass. If this is the case, recent advances in quantum computing, low friction materials, nano technology, autonomous vehicles, smart sensors, big data and cloud services are merely the leading edge of the technology mix that will evolve in the future. In addition to providing new opportunities, global disruptors such as climate change, super bugs, population growth and changing social structures and communication channels both at home and in the workplace will require a changing and dynamic water industry to sustain effective and relevant services to our customers.

The papers chosen to be included on the Conference program will articulate, at a broad level, an understanding of the Victorian water sector and its current priorities and how the information being presented can be seen and used through that lens within the sector.

Please download the brochure below for more information on focus area, selection criteria and conference audience.

Interested persons who would like to present a paper at this year’s VicWater Annual Conference are invited to submit a one page abstract to us by Friday 22 April 2016 marked to the attention of Tony Wright, Chief Executive Officer.