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Submission to the Federal Government Clean Energy Regulator

VicWater is preparing a submission on the Draft guidance on the Emissions Reduction Fund’s regulatory additionality requirement. The focus of the submission is on the compatibility of water corporation emissions reduction targets under the Statement of Obligations and the ‘regulatory additionality’ requirement for registering projects in order to create ACCUs, which is seen as a…

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Submission on changes to EPA operating licence

VicWater has prepared an industry submission on changes to EPA operating licence conditions. VicWater will continue discussions with EPA to reduce unnecessary regulatory burden associated with proposed licence conditions. As well as potentially changing the wording of draft licence conditions, EPA also welcomes an industry approach which specifies a low burden approach to compliance, whilst…

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2021 Water Industry Asset Revaluation

VicWater has appointed Roy Farthing to update the 2015 Asset Valuation Methodology and Guidance for the 2021 valuation. The Water Industry Asset Revaluation Working Group, which includes water corporations, VAGO, DTF, VGA and DELWP is overseeing the consultancy. A draft update was circulated to all not-for profit members on 5 May and will be finalised…

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Vision Super’s April performance

Whether through a global pandemic or just day-to-day management of your super it’s important to know that your super isn’t invested only in shares, but also in other types of assets, which helps spreads the risk. In the 12 months to the end of April this year, the Australian equity market, as measured by the…

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ARC-EESep & WaterRA Water Innovation Webinar Series

ARC-EESep and Water Research Australia have partnered to present a series of upcoming webinars: Challenges and Opportunities of Water Industry in the Emerging Hydrogen Economy 12pm-1.30pm (AEST) Wednesday 10 June 2020 Challenges and Solutions for Resilient Regional Water Supply 1pm-4pm (AEST) Wednesday 8 July 2020 Registrations for both webinars are open up to one day…

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E-signing: A change you’ll want to keep post-COVID

With many people working from home over the last couple of months, the processes we never thought twice about in the office have had to be adapted to ensure business keeps running smoothly. Document signing, a process which many companies still do physically, has had to be adapted as people work remotely. Thankfully, e-signing programs…

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Creating culturally safe and inclusive workplaces in the Victorian water sector

Celebrating National Reconciliation Week Victorian water corporations are working to develop their knowledge of Aboriginal culture and make sure they are culturally safe and inclusive by using cultural awareness training and other actions detailed in their Reconciliation Action Plans and/or Diversity & Inclusion strategies and plans. Several water corporations use cultural awareness training to help…

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Providing Traditional Owner access to water and shared benefits

Celebrating National Reconciliation Week Victorian water corporations are trialling a number of different ways of providing Traditional Owner access to water and shared benefits. Most of these are exploratory or in early planning stag­es, while some are currently in progress. Wannon Water is supporting the Killara Kooyong Project, a pilot eel aquaculture project using water…

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