Aptumo makes life easier for water utilities and their customers

Aptumo is proud to be a major sponsor of the VicWater Conference 2022. Part of Echo Managed Services, a long term, trusted partner of over a third of water utilities in the UK, Aptumo is a specialist billing platform that delivers much more than just accurate bills. Aptumo was developed by the water industry, for…

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Aptumo: the water billing solution with a global heritage

The Aptumo water billing solution may be a relatively new player in the Australian market, but it has a pedigree that some of the more familiar names on the scene would envy. “Aptumo is a fresh face on the Australian water scene but it is definitely not new to the water industry” says Richard Harris,…

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A new billing system is making a splash in the Australian water sector

*Sponsored content Aptumo, the cloud-based water customer billing solution powered by Echo Managed Services in the UK, is making positive in-roads into the Australian water sector. Coliban Water has successfully transitioned its billing and customer support software to Aptumo to benefit its customers, and North East Water has also chosen Aptumo to support its team to deliver…

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