Emerging contaminants

VicWater is negotiating with EPA on the details of an emerging contaminant sampling initiative planned for later in 2021. DELWP has funded EPA to deliver the water industry Tier 2 Emerging Contaminant Study, which builds on the results of the 2020 VicWater Tier 1 Desktop Risk Assessment and will ensure cross-sector compliance with obligations under…

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Recycled water guidelines

During January, VicWater wrote to EPA in relation to mandated Log Reduction Values (LRV) in the draft recycled water guidelines. At the suggestion of the Department of Health (DH), EPA inserted a mandated 1 LVR ‘operation target’ above the nationally endorsed LRV standard. If adopted, this change would significantly increase capital and operational costs of…

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Review of the Recycled Water Guidelines

The public consultation phase of the Review of the Recycled Water Guidelines has recently concluded. This marks a major milestone in the review which was instigated by the water industry in 2018, with an emphasis on reducing red tape associated with recycled water scheme approvals and operations. In late October, VicWater hosted two virtual ‘drop…

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Emerging contaminants in recycled water and discharges

EPA has signed a funding agreement with DELWP to conduct field sampling for emerging contaminants in recycled water and discharges. VicWater provided input on the funding agreement and as a result, the field sampling will be targeted to align with, and build upon the results of the 2019 VicWater emerging contaminant desktop risk assessment. For…

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EPA Water Subordinate Legislation

During June, VicWater met with members of the EPA sub-legislation team to discuss water industry feedback on the draft EPA regulations, which were published in September 2019. The meeting focused on aspects of the draft regulations which will affect septic tank waste and emerging contaminants.

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Submission on changes to EPA operating licence

VicWater has prepared an industry submission on changes to EPA operating licence conditions. VicWater will continue discussions with EPA to reduce unnecessary regulatory burden associated with proposed licence conditions. As well as potentially changing the wording of draft licence conditions, EPA also welcomes an industry approach which specifies a low burden approach to compliance, whilst…

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EPA risk assessment and monitoring guidelines

EPA has published a new draft guideline for risk assessment and monitoring. The purpose of the guide is to assist compliance with new licence conditions. VicWater has commenced discussion with EPA to clarify aspects of the draft guideline. EPA has informally indicated that existing water industry risk assessment and monitoring approaches, assuming the evolution of new initiatives…

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EPA changes to operating licence clauses

EPA has published changes to operating licences including new requirements such as that all sites have a decommissioning plan and sites have a hard copy of the licence on site. EPA has published a webinar and  draft guideline document with further details. A consultation survey for direct feedback will close Sunday 3 May 2020. VicWater has commenced discussions with EPA to…

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Postponement of Victoria’s new environment protection laws

New environment protection laws were scheduled to come into effect in Victoria on 1 July 2020 – laws that apply to all Victorians and all businesses trading in Victoria. The Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 (the Act) will transform Victoria’s environment protection laws and Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA). The Victorian Government has announced the Act’s…

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