How is WaterAid working to tackle COVID-19?

All 35 countries where WaterAid works have confirmed cases of COVID-19, with most of them now reporting local transmission, meaning that the virus is passing from person-to-person in-country, rather than just being imported from outside of the country. In the face of this, WaterAid is running digital/social/media hygiene behaviour change campaign in collaboration with the National and…

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Good News

Hygiene has and always will be at the core of WaterAid’s work. WaterAid is not a medical agency to deal with case detection, surveillance, management or treatment, but plays a key part in the preventive aspects. As a global leader in hygiene promotion and behaviour change, WaterAid is proactively scaling-up its work through government led…

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VicWater are joining the Walk for Water

With my wonderful colleagues at VicWater I’ve decided to take part in WaterAid’s Walk for Water. WaterAid is a partner of our water industry and a positive organisation helping people across the world to access clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene within a generation. Every dollar you contribute can make a real difference for…

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Walk for Water!

23-27 March 2020 “Every day, millions of women walk 10,000 steps or more to collect water, and sometimes the water is not safe at all. The walk itself isn’t always safe. Walk for Water is a simple but powerful way that you and your colleagues, friends and family can help reduce this burden for so…

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“Diamonds are Forever” 22 May 2020

Diamond water paradox: why is it an essential thing like water which is indispensable for survival of a human life is valued so less monetarily vis a vis diamond which is nothing but a piece of sparkling stone offering no utility as such? Everyone connected to WaterAid knows the value of water and sanitation. Water…

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Could you solve an international water, sanitation or hygiene problem?

Registration for 2020 Winnovators program is now open! The program begins Wednesday 1 April and runs until the end of September with the winners announced in October 2020. This year’s program is really exciting – teams will be able to solve climate resilience problems from and raise funds for India, Timor-Leste, or Zambia. WaterAid UK will also be hosting for the first time…

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