How is WaterAid working to tackle COVID-19?

All 35 countries where WaterAid works have confirmed cases of COVID-19, with most of them now reporting local transmission, meaning that the virus is passing from person-to-person in-country, rather than…

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Good News

Hygiene has and always will be at the core of WaterAid’s work. WaterAid is not a medical agency to deal with case detection, surveillance, management or treatment, but plays a…

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VicWater are joining the Walk for Water

With my wonderful colleagues at VicWater I’ve decided to take part in WaterAid’s Walk for Water. WaterAid is a partner of our water industry and a positive organisation helping people…

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Walk for Water!

23-27 March 2020 “Every day, millions of women walk 10,000 steps or more to collect water, and sometimes the water is not safe at all. The walk itself isn’t always…

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