Connect Diversity Q&A

5-6 Diversity & Inclusion Q&A

Session 5-6: IDAHOBIT – Creating rainbow change in the water industry Please add your questions for Mama Alto, Jacquie Moon, Brendan Moore, Alix Sampson, Michelle Sheppard & Adrian Letilovic below…

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4 Diversity & Inclusion Q&A

Session 4: Insights Program – Bridging the Gap Please add your questions for Helen Vaughan, Sarah Thomson, Daniel Flanagan, Jo Gianni, Cameron FitzGerald, Natalie Foeng & Chris Brace in the…

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3 Diversity & Inclusion Q&A

Session 3: Enabling Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CALD) inclusion in the water sector Please add your questions for Jill sears, Edyta Grzyb, Liz Nairn & Dr Victor Sojo Monzon

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