Finance Issues Steering Committee (FISC)

Finance Issues Steering Committee update

The VicWater Finance Issues Steering Committee (FISC) met 23 April to discuss industry projects such as the 2021 Asset Valuation as well as COVID impacts on corporate planning requirements. The FISC Chair, Steven Waterhouse is…

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Land sales policy

VicWater is in contact with DELWP and DTF to clarify aspects of the transition to the new Government land sales policy. Water industry input will be coordinated via the VicWater…

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Finance Issues Steering Committee

The Finance Issues Steering Committee (FISC) met 13 February to progress priority projects including: updating the ESC accounting code, the National Tax Equivalence Regime, the Puddle Account, the 2021 Asset…

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Puddle account

VicWater circulated the first draft of 2020 Puddle Account prior to Christmas. The 2020 Puddle Account planning schedule provides two opportunities for water corporation feedback, during January and mid-February. The…

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